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It’s been a thousand years since humans left Earth behind, and they have conquered and populated hundreds of worlds across the galaxy.

Twelve years ago, Sedna Erdane’s parents, the rulers of a wealthy world, were executed for a treason they didn’t commit. Their planet was ostracized from the Federation it belonged to and the young girl was sent away. Now back from exile, Sedna gets an offer: renew her allegiance to the royal family and become a part of the Federation again, or be left alone on her now ravaged homeland to fend for herself.

To save her people, Sedna has to cast her pride aside, but she will not go down without a fight.

The Federation has been weakened by the current Queen’s erratic rule and other galactic systems have become threats: it will not take much for a global war to break. Sedna decides to use the political turmoil to gain influence and make allies of those who don’t support the Queen.

Her arrogance makes her difficult to work with, but she knows her way around galactic politics and was raised for intrigue. Not only will she join the Federation again, she intends to rule it.

She is Sedna Erdane, last of her name; and she will not be forgotten.