The Captive Queen, by Alison Weir

What is it about ?

1152. Eleanor, duchess of Aquitaine, is married to Louis, King of France. After meeting Henry Plantagenet, future King of England, she decides to have her marriage to Louis annuled and wed Henry. This sparks the beginning of decades of passion and conflicts, both personal and political.

What did you think of it ?

I don’t read a lot of historical novels, but Alison Weir always selects figures I am bound to love : women of power, passion and hubris.

I had already read The Lady Elizabeth in less than a week a few years ago, so I had a feeling I would like The Captive Queen.

Weir knows the historical facts, having written her thesis on the topic, but a history lesson is not the point of this book. The author tries to fill in the gaps that records don’t dwell upon. Her tale is captivating and makes the reader feel the passion and ambition of Eleanor, duchess, queen, and traitor.

Great. Should I read this ?

This book is for you if :
✔️ You like historical romance novels
✔️ You want a book with a multi faceted female protagonist
✔️ You like stories that cover an entire lifetime : the novel spans decades

You can go read something else if:
❌ Political intrigue is not to your liking
❌ You don’t like to read sex scenes (they are quite frequent in the book)
❌ You’re looking for historical knowledge : pick her non-fiction books instead

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