You got stabbed in the eye
Wax dribbling from the sky
Weak swearing, tongue-bloat
Ashes in your throat

Hunched over dirt and crumbs, heaving
Smother the inner screaming
Walk and walk all around the nave
Echo thunder in the madman’s grave

You defiled the pure, white, sinless intent
Standing straight levelling the grounds
Deep entangled into your sounds
Your rotten ruins, the dreams you invent

Walls crumble and stones stall
Four fingers grip at the shattering call
In the teardom all smiles and teeth fall
Over raw meat; dead leaves; spit, spit it all!

Kick, kill and run, exhausted in the fight
Path giving under foot and hand
Folding and eating, fetid quicksand
Kick, kill and run all you might

Panting on your back, too late you repented
Taste bitter vomit, watered bile and blood
Dark eyes still peering from the inner hood
Strangled to death in the threads you invented

Worlds laced with meaning, songs and lies
Have a vision shining through a thousand smiles
Rooms trembling, closing, crumbling!
The Dome is cracked, you see it leaking

Tepid spittle to cover the scent
Bite time and tracks, hiss, coil, quake
You’re late, you’re late, goodbye little snake
Bind yourself for the wait, drained and spent




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