Diamond Desert

I carry the weight of a hundred dead dreams

Dragging their carcass behind me through a diamond hard desert

Winds howl at my ears, drying my lips

Open wounds on my hand seep into the fabric of their tangibility

Open cuts on my feet leave a crimson, trail that all my tears wouldn’t wash away

I could open my fingers and release it all

And walk with my head high

And never look over my shoulder

And the desert would shine instead of cutting my flesh

My grip is too tight over my own throat

I carry the ashes of a thousand hopes

More flakes escaping my soul with every breath

As I walk through a diamond hard desert

A remanent ember of the roars that birthed them

Reflects into the sharp edges of my path

The grey powder falls softly on it

Certain that the tiny red glow will soon wither away

I could sweep the feathery dust away

With one stroke of the hand

And walk with my lungs free

And never feel heavy again

And the light would shine on me instead of within me

My heart is too closed to let go

I carry the atoms of a million galaxies

Colliding in my mind, unable to escape

As I make my way through a diamond hard desert

They are worse than the dreams

And sadder than the ashes

For at least the others have lived

But those starts will always remain

Beauty that could have been

The inner eye must accept to release the decay

For fear new beacons might never shine their light

Over the bloody, greying, darkened

Yet beautiful

Diamond hard desert of life

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