De tachment

I stand in the wind and lift my damp face towards the skies, giving my tears to the night in a silent, hopeful offering

I know the salt will wash away my guilt in the end

A cold whirl steals my breath and soul

– carries my weary spirit above the world

water streams from my eyes and pools around my feet, forming iron grey shadows

I watch them fly, born of my tears and pain

Clouds on the warpath

Angry footsoldiers of once omnipotent gods that would rule over me

I have overthrown them

Ripped them from their throne




I shed them with every tear

And send them

Billowing straight into the timeless feud

Between me and my weakness

They do not care

I do not care – not any more – not at this moment

about the mortals below us

Clouds never linger over men and their anger

In this suspended moment

untethered from the chains that bind my soul to grief and pain

Only the true, naked self remains

Watching the clouds –

They carry away heavily every lost dream

Every compromise

Every capitulation

Detaching each of them from the fabric of my soul

Wielding rain over the many moments that pierced my heart

And made it bleed

I swim in the wind, above my cloud children




Clouds never seem as heavy as they are

Tears never taste as bitter as they should

Every minute that passes

Every cloud I birth

I shed another weight

Clouds are never as light as they look

Neither am I

I open my wings of wind and send them

On the warpath

My children are beautiful

Now that I am not them

And they are not within me

I watch the turmoil

And there is nothing that can stop them

Nothing that can still me

I carry the chaos and it carries me

This is why I watch them from afar

My soldiers – clouds on the warpath

Anger and pain

Sadness and resentment

Open my eyes and hands and every cell in my body

To let them go

To let them flee

I do not have a home

Other than my heaving heart

All children need to fly

The tears I birth every day

Can only fight for me

Once they have set free

As clouds on the warpath –

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